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About us

Sofos Softwares is an emerging information technology and software development company that specialises in web, desktop and mobile applications. We set our achievements within the parameters of innovative technology development. Setting our accomplishments and final products on the current problems we contextualise them with a better insight and approach which in turn continues to inspire our clients and customers to experience the best in the business world as we do not settle for less.

Wedged between two economic powerhouses, Nepal offers a great deal of business opportunities to bridge the gap between the two nations and also outsource locally and internationally. With this foresight Sofos was launched in 2009 and since then we’ve moved on to become one of the most sought-after IT Company in Nepal and have gained credentials and satisfied clients both at home and abroad.We believe in breaking the traditional methods of work process and go beyond the mainstream technology. Our success, therefore, rests on the small team we have—just 10-15 employees who are spearheading this company by their innovative and creative skills that we need to transform your organisation’s business model and put you in the limelight as a futuristic corporation.

We are dedicated to take your company to the next level and help you leapfrog technological hurdles with our new-age market-oriented applications. We do not compromise on our services so you can be granted with our commitments to pursue a higher degree of enhancement in your company’s system and achieve profitability and sustainability from our tested applications. Our desire to offer compatible business models have been highly approved and rated by our clients so far. They continue to take our service with much faith and vigor.Sofos is nationally recognised for its systematic approach to the clients’ needs. We are open to your new fresh ideas and would love to turn the demands you make into tailor-made applications that fits your organisational needs. We make sure to address the changing patterns of technology and the challenges your company faces to make quick adaptation. So depend on us with the technology you need to grasp the limelight.

We invent business.

We create business.

We transform business.

We make a difference.

In a nutshell, we live in this globally wired world where we must be proactive and creative daily to catch-up with the ever-changing technological landscape so trust Sofos and see your business skyrocket. Sofos Softwares is bound to promote businesses that depend on au courant ideas and push for avant-grade business models. We are here to make a difference.


To empower companies and enterprises with our state-of-the-art products/services and help them accelerate their performance to gain maximum results.


To connect business models with real-time applications by converging effective and efficient information systems and translate them into successful models.


1. To facilitate business organizations by transforming their digital identity into a leading and winning one.

2. To create top-notch software/desktop applications and web/mobile websites in order to help business models to double their profits and stay ahead in the game.

3. To assist companies in recognizing their actual needs by pitching creative out-of-the-box ideas so that they move ahead in the process of ground-breaking innovations and enterprises.

4. To connect business ideas and the actual needs of the modern society so to establish business models that responds not just to the problems and solutions but establishes itself as a pioneer provider for future generations.

5. Use our dedicated project management, which depends on up-to-date weekly reporting, to execute any developmental works and also improvise as the project progresses.

6. In this highly connected and dependent world partnering with other companies and organizations is unavoidable, irresistible and inevitable. To have strong partners around the globe like Hartikaari Oyi, a Finnish technology company, is a two-way opportunity as we can easily manage our clients in Finland and Nordic region, and also work for their technology strategies and development. WebSupreme, an Australian Company, is another of our key partner for Australian market. We continuously look out for any possible partnering as it opens a world of vast opportunities and developments. Together we can build a better technological world.