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A new browsing revolution: Rockmelt for iPad

By Ritima Shrestha
Project Manager, Sofos Softwares


Do you think a browser can do the thinking? Well… let’s accentuate our direction towards a new and innovative browser introduced by Rockmelt for ipad and iOS 6.


Rockmelt is designed to be a visually oriented browser which coherently thinks how people interact with the web. It presents you a two column floating tiles containing information that you may be interested in. It makes smarter choices on what you would like to see, based on you past browsing. More you use it, the more the browser presents to you the allied information.

The idea of browsing has immensely changed since the past few years with bunch of information everywhere and more of the pictures doing the browsing aided by the web interfaces such as Pinterest, Tumlr , etc . Eric Vishria, The CEM of Rockmelt, said "This whole idea of a content-first browser that has deep social hooks and that pushes content to you rather than have you hunt and peck to find good stuff online has merit on all platforms and is something we want to bring to all platforms," Furthermore, he augmented the features saying,“Rockmelt has come up with a ground up approach that looks a little like Pinterest, with some Facebook mixed in, that's easy to use and reflects the idea that in the future we will not be using the left click button as much as we used to”.