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Choosing joomla for your business and ecommerce website development

Choosing Joomla for your business and eCommerce website development - 5 advantages of Joomla CMS for small as well as large business

A CMS is a web application that enables content delivery easy for any organization or individuals. The main importance behind using CMS is that it enables even non technical users to maintain web publishing procedure and website structure. CMS has been a best choice of small as well as business websites as it is cost effective and user friendly.

Joomla like wordpress and other CMS platforms which simplifies the task of creating websites and web applications.

joomla cms

Joomla is a powerful content management system which has already facilitated more than 1,618,105 businesses to perform their business online. Joomla has been the favorite CMS for small and medium sized business, as it requires low level of maintenance cost also it offer flexible tools for developer trying to create complex web application.

Reason that business should use Joomla as their web development platforms

1. Cost Effectiveness: Nonetheless you are small startup company or large industry, you cannot ignore doing business online now. It is always cost effective to choose open source platform rather than developing own proprietary web platform. While using Joomla or any other CMS like drupal or magento instead of expensing your budget on buying your own web platform what you do is simply purchase some commercial pancakes, subscription and add ons which reduces your cost by 200%. Developing your own proprietary web platforms requires high level of technical expertise which require higher amount of cost, that’s why even popular organization like Harvard University uses Joomla as their web based CMS.

2. Require less Technical Expertise: What’s the most important advantages of using Joomla as CMS is that it doesn’t requires any technical expertise to maintain the content delivery through your website but need developer if you want huge customization and to add any complex web application. Joomla offer over 9000 ads on to extend your site and over 6000 built in themes from which you can choose one for your website.

3. Large Community and Users: According to Jommla official site Jommla has been downloaded over 3 million and 2.7 % most popular website around the world have been developed through Jommla. Joomla has large community member and contributors, if small businesses who don’t want to invest their large sum on the web design and development they can build small website that showcase their business on their own but making an interactive web platform always requires expertise.

4. Best choice for Ecommerce website: Jommla has been the first choice for developing eCommerce system for many entrepreneurs. In contrast with the use of extension like virtuemart, a fully intuitive and interactive eCommerce shopping site can be developed. The advantage of choosing Jommla is that small business who sell product online can edit, update, upload product and maintain online transaction through backend which doesn’t requires any expertise.

5. Beyond Content Management System: Joomla is not just a CMS which is used to deliver article on blog or some images in your website with your home and contact us pages. Now Jommla offers wide range of extension through which you can choose to make your online business interactive. Just have a glance of some popular websites that had been developed on joomla.

joomla development


- MTV Greece

Here is some website which has developed by Sofos software on joomla CMS platform.

Handmade craft store

Online photo Framing – Modern art Framing

Currently Joomla is considered as one of the best open source content management platforms in the web-developing world and we have always led in the art of creating sophisticated websites.

View our portfolio and choose our joomla based quality web development services. We’ve more than 100 satisfied companies now try for your own!!